Lu-shan's UHMW
Tapered UHMW Blunts for SCA use


Thank you for considering a purchase of my UHMW tapered combat blunts These blunts are society accepted and should be legal in any kingdom that allows UHMW tapered blunts.

Modifications to this basic design can be produced within reason (extra cost may apply).

Blunts are all drilled by default with a 15/64" hole, but at no extra charge, I can drill an alternate sized hole: e.g. 1/4", or 5/16".
After several years of sending many orders out with the smaller hole size, and hearing no complaints and much praise, I fully recommend the smaller hole size. Let me know if you need a UHMW pounding block to protect the end of the fiberglass while you hammer the blunt on.

If you have any questions or would like to order, please email me at for complete order information and a shipping quote. I use USPS Priority mail flat rate boxes for all but the smallest orders. I find that this is the cheapest and most convenient form of shipping.

Thanks! Sun Lu-shan (MKA Daniel Slone)

Light blunts: $0.95 each

Light blunts are are specifically allowed in An-Tir, Ansteorra, Atlantia, Meridies, and Trimaris per their kingdom archery marshals (The Ansteorran marshal informs me that he prefers his archers to use 15/64" holes). When appropriately padded and taped, they will be suitable for longbows and crossbows. Other kingdoms, please contact your archery marshal. I am attempting to reach the other kingdom marshals at this time to compile a more thorough list.
Heavy blunts: $1.15 each

Heavy blunts are designed for use in heavy bows and crossbows in An-Tir, Caid and Outlands. They have very specific padding and taping requirements, as seen here:

Diagram of heavy blunt padding from

They should be legal as light blunts out of light bows as well, depending on your kingdom requirements.
Heavy crossbow tails: $0.85 each

Heavy crossbow tails are used with the heavy blunts in a Fellwalker design bolt

Specifications of Fellwalker bolt from


List of legal blunts in each kingdom from
Instructions for padding and taping light UHMW blunts For Reference Only - This is Not Legal Padding Anymore!

chop of Sun Lu-shan

diagram of dimensions Dimensions of the standard UHMW blunt
side of blunt Side view of actual production blunt
oblique view Oblique view
rear view Rear view
front view Front view
Heavy blunts Heavy blunt cores
Fellwalker tail sections Fellwalker tail section cores
A set of drilled Heavy bolt parts A set of drilled Heavy bolt parts

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all rights reserved.